Research For the Pedo Troll

A Research Project for the Pedo Troll

40p  left You have been referred to this page because you trolled a 2D or 3D artist or connoisseur of art.

40p right You accused the person of being a pedophile, or perhaps an ephebophile, when in fact, the artist simply likes skinny women with small breasts, possibly also with large eyes.

40p  left Collected here are image searches showing women, all over 18 years of age who are skinny with small breasts, many with large eyes. They strongly resemble the art that the artist or connoisseur prefer.

40p right For example, Talia Cherry, the Russian model, Ralina (aka Ingrid or Romy), Alicia Vikander, the famous actress, or Bridgit A.

40p  left Also, Kuroha and Fay Suicide, or nearly any of the women from Amour Angels or MET Art and Domai.

40p right Take a moment to click some of the thumbnail collections here to see the expanded search results, or go to your favourite search engine and type in the searches yourself to see more detail.

40p  left As you can see, there is a great deal of variation in the adult female form. Similarly, there is a great deal of variation in preferences and opinions of the ideal adult female form. Some like large women with large breasts. You? Others like small women with small breasts. Us. It is merely a difference in personal taste, and does not justify nasty namecalling.

40p right Rather than simply say “I do not like small women with small breasts,” you have chosen instead to level a rather heinous accusation at the artist or connoisseur. Typically that they are a pedophile or an ephebophile.

40p  left Neither is the case. We are perfectly happy to peruse and enjoy art of fully adult women, exclusively.

40p right Stop derailing productive conversations with your noise. We are being constructive, and your negativity is ruining a good thing. Get over yourself.

40p  left There is some speculation on why “pedo trolls” like you persist in popularity year after year. Probably because it is the one accusation that requires a response from the accused. One does not need to worry if others accuse them of liking fatties, or liking MILFs, but one does need to respond to accusations of pedophilia.

40p right So year after year, assholes like you hijack constructive conversations with your damaging attitude, and rile everyone up needlessly.

40p  left Assuming you simply made an error in good faith, return to the discussion forum from whence you came, apologise to the artist or connoisseur for your problematic and false accusation, and we can move along.

Failing that, you are a shit human being. Go to hell.

But no matter what, enjoy images of beautiful, thin women with small breasts!