The Weightless Watermelon

Just Another Outfit -

1 1 Now that our costumer has figured out how to do clothes, I just can’t stop dressing her up.

This one is the Weightless Watermelon outfit. Because she just kinda floats around doing karate and other martial arts (that are useless but look good on film).

This one was a lot of fun, toying with shrink wrapping, texturing, and rigging all the various bits to make her look nice. The costumer says it was every bit as fun as any other costume!

As you can tell, she is having a ball with this cosplay thing. Apparently there’s some other supergirl that has a similar aesthetic, and she keeps talking about puppets.

1 1 We asked her to jump, so she jumped.

We didn’t realise until later, looking at the photos, that she likes to curl her toes when she jumps.

Then we told her be a strong superhero girl. So she made muscle poses.

1 1 Also, the lighting guy is playing with the light.

We told him make her look dramatic. So he’s doing that.

Really liking the “studio backdrop” look. Like those old pro studios where you could get family pics done.

Whoever painted that backdrop, you get double pay this job.

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