Verachantesse X

Presenting an All-Quad Verachantesse -

1 1 First I thought maybe I’ll just use someone else’s mesh. I watched Hippydrome’s video about facial animation spans. I downloaded his mesh. I mutzed it around for a while, trying to fit Verachantesse’s curves. In the end, I decided to just remove all the tris from Verachantesse’s suboptimal, but made-by-me mesh.

A few hours of cussing…

A crapload of loop cuts…

A bunch of edge rotations…

Revisiting every single vertex on her entire body, including oops… there’s a 5-gon underneath her lower eyelash, and a few more tris and n-gons in her throat and under her tongue. How’d those get there?!

Select by trait, faces by sides. Not equal to 4. Center selection. Fingertip. Inner ear. Palm of hand.

^ A whole lot of that.

Then, in the very end, a really annoying triangle on the bottom of her foot. The very last triangle! Loop cut one edge… it travels all over her body then comes back to… the other damn edge of the same triangle. Make a loud sigh if you know the pain of what I’m talking about here.

After spending 25 minutes redoing the topology of the bottom of her gosh-darned foot… then I finally was able to add an edge loop that went all over most of her body, but at least in places where I wanted a little more detail anyway.

Now time to slide some edges where there’s too much density into other areas where there isn’t enough density.

^ A whole lot more of that.


Looks at those quadseses!
Such quad.
So four.
Ngon gone.
Try finding tri.
No can do! QUAD ALONE!
(Poetry sponsored by the Philoviveric Poetry Society of America)

And since I don’t display the feet mask in edit mode, her toes are poking out through the boots. Silly Verachantesse. Put your toes back into your boots.

Doesn’t speed up the subdivision surface much. From about 4 seconds to about 2 seconds. 2 seconds still isn’t fast enough. Oh, well. The price you pay for doing Blender on a Mac.

I had to re-pose her metarig, re-generate her rig, re-parent a few bits here and there, tried to re-parent her body jewels to the rig…

OH NOES Failed to find a solution for one or more bones!

Okay, then. Manual weight painting it is.


After doing all that, uncertain if her deforms are all going to be good. Nope. Butt deform and shoulder deform bad. Separate out some vertex groups, re-do some corrective smooth weights and groups. Pose and pose again.

And Now, For a Little Fun and a Lot of Fun

1 1 I hadn’t had any fun for a couple days, so I goofed off.

A little bit on the left, then a lot on the right.

Unfortunately, the body jewels, like her body, are parented to the armature, and change proportion along with it.

But this is just a farce, so there’s no point in trying to fix that. I suppose you can uncheck the “scale” transform from a parent armature or something?