Verachantesse VI to IX

The start of a new day…

1 She Approaches Becoming a Real Character. The momentous occasion has some darker moments, but it has its lighter moments as well. There is a cost to becoming real, and she pays it gladly.

She has a life, which will be revealed in the coming months. She has ordeals, concerns, laughter, sadness, and all the things we hope for. She will do a modeling shoot with the umbrella with her sister from another time, but that is part of a journey and adventure she is not yet expecting.

The Moods of Verachantesse

To move through this journey’s phases, she will be required to see, feel, and hear many things. Let’s take a short tour of her emotional future.

This Journey will be Frightening

1 1 There are forces beyond her understanding and control, and she must navigate their influence carefully. Not everyone approves of her demeanour and attitude.

She has her own ideas, but she realises that in order to get by when faced against a giant, sometimes she must submit to the giant’s will.

There will be misunderstandings. Sure.

She will be ostracised, yes.

But she will find friendship and comraderie. And even…

Somewhere, where it’s least expected…


She is Strong, She is Alive with Music

1 She has a strong will-power. She will not bend or break. Yet she understands the need to go with the river’s current, to ride in the direction of the prevailing winds.

She will Finally Sing 1 Her heart has been full of music, but she hasn’t expressed it yet. Now is the time. She pulls in a deep breath, she holds her diaphragm perfectly, then she lets loose with her unique and personal voice.

She is not the best singer in the world, but she’s the only singer in her own world, and that’s enough.


Verachantesse VII - The Details are Forming

She has earrings that fit inside her full ear and are pierced in a non-standard location. She has a cute little heart nose jewel. I modeled some panties on her. These turn out to be fairly difficult to keep with her geometry, and I may let them go.

1 1 1

Next Steps?

1 Hair. Hair has got to be in there somewhere.

Boots. These boots were borrowed from another .blend from BlendSwap. First off, I don’t like them a lot. Second, I all of her assets to be 100% mine from start to finish.

Leggings and more clothing items. The panties were largely a test for this, and they were quite difficult. I am struggling to figure out a workflow for adding clothing items that doesn’t destroy my soul.


Verachantesse VIII - The Hairdresser Finally Showed Up

1 1 She got some new colour, and curls and loops. We still need some long streamers for the photoshoot, because the original had girls with long hair. We will definitely have a different hairdo than the original picture, but long hair is required.

The umbrellas are gotten. The studio is set up.

Verachantesse is acting pouty and angry whenever she asks how long before the studio is setup, and the answer is “at least a few more hours.” Then she acts like this.

But not for long, because she’s inherently a jubilent soul.

Photos While Waiting for the Studio Setup

1 1 Verachantesse got playful and silly while the studio is still being setup. Rolling around on the floor and staring vacantly into the studio lighting every now and then, as she remembers something or another.

I needed to test all the extreme deforms. These poses have extreme knee, hip, waist, shoulder, and neck deforms.

Although none of it is great, it’s close enough for the photo shoot, so I will probably wait on corrective shape keys until later.

Also, I played around with the colour temperature a little bit. A bluish light on the left, and a yellowish light on the right. I am a little happier with the warmer colour here, although for the final photo shoot, where she’s supposed to be in a slightly dark, wet, gloomy place, I’ll likely go with some blue highlights.

What Else Changed?

1 1 I re-did her hair, yes. That much is clear. But also, I had to add some edges to her butt, and didn’t like the deforms afterward. I realised my topology just wasn’t ever going to deform well.

So I bit the bullet, and did the thing where I delete half her mesh, mirror, lose a bunch of vertexes in the finer parts of her join, re-did her butt, and all the other parts, then sewed her back together.

Now her butt deforms pretty well, which is half the point of those poses in the last section.

My wife didn’t like her hair so pink, like left. She recommended reversing how much is pink and how much black. So the hairdresser got called back in, and will charge double normal rates because she was late for some other appointment. But still… it got done!

Verachantesse was annoyed having to sit another two hours after already two hours of hairdressing. Of course. But what are you gonna do? Perfection doesn’t come easily.


Verachantesse IX: A Retrospective

1 1 Where did we start? Let’s take a look. September 2019. The idea, left.

One of the first posed Verachantesse pictures, right.

It’s been a bit of a journey through the dark corners of Blender.

And Now…

1 1 She’s making fun of the pose. Here we’re doing lighting and pose tests, and preparing the scene while waiting on wardrobe. She thinks the pose is ridiculous. But this is what the art calls for, so she agrees to do it. Umbrella inside without the rain and everything.

We’re still waiting on wardrobe to show up with the shoes and colourful leggings. The shoes aren’t like the original picture really, but that’s okay, those were pretty silly-looking.

I think you’ll like the new shoes.

Exposure Tests

1 1

The above exposure is closer to the final picture, since we want it a little darker and moodier. But it was a little too dark for the highlights to come out, so we re-did the metering a bit and shot a few more pictures.

The Studio

As usual, a picture of the workspace!