Verachantesse Tinker Belle I to VI

Tinker Belle I - The Back-Story

My wife wants me to do Verachantesse in the style of a cute, naked little Tinker Belle. I whipped up some wings. The first pass was OK… 1

But that lacked a little something.

So I spent a little time with texturing, some more modeling, some extrusions here and there, a bit of mirroring and subdividing…

Et voila!

1 1 First, she must be given her wings, so that she may fly.

Then, she must be given magic faery dust so that she may be high.

Later, she will walk a mile in Tinker Belle’s shoes.

With that cute little white puff on each one.

Let’s spend a little longer looking at her.

1 1 1



Tinker Belle II - Shoes and New Hair


I gave her some shoes. They are based on the other shoes already modeled, but re-textured, UV-mapped, etc, and of course those cute white Tinker Belle poofs on the toes.

They took 2-3x longer to do than the first shoes, despite already having the base geometry. I suppose because I wanted them to be elegant (the green portions are shiny, the black are more matte, for example), be appropriate for a wood faerie, and not look entirely ridiculous.

It is not difficult to do 2 of those 3, but getting all 3 proved to be somewhat a challenge.

1 I pulled in her hair from the previous .blend, spent a few hours fixing it up, and updating it using new techniques I’ve learned since then. No matter what I do, it’s a very suboptimal look. It appears hair is a little bit beyond my skill level.

1 Next up I need to figure out how to give her a green dress that will be in the spirit of Tinker Belle’s dress, but allows Verachantesse to show off like she likes to do.

I probably also need to figure out a way to make it appear Verachantesse is flying, but not really. Maybe a harness or some wires or soemthing as part of her dress? Time will tell.


Tinker Belle III - A Green Dress

1 With leaves for hip-enhancing skirt.

1 Verachantesse does her best Tinker Belle impression.

Minus the blonde hair.

1 1 The photographer having fun with perspective.


1 1 Thank you for watching, and see you next time!


Tinker Belle IV - Touch your Tongue

1 Someone asked if she could touch her nose with her tongue.

She touched her tongue then touched her nose.

Apparently she’s never heard of this challenge before.

Can you Stand Straight, Please?

1 She kept touching her tongue and nose. Finally the photographer told her to stop and stand straight for a moment so he can reframe.

What are you doing with your hands on your hips?

Veracha– okay. Hahah. Sure. I’m just gonna take your picture.

Now stay angry. Angrier! Get really angry!

Can’t Stay Angry when Told to Be Angry

1 This is what happens when you tell her to pout and be angry.

You can’t hear it, but she snorted when she laughed.

Heh. Now she’s laughing harder because she snorted. Now it’s getting really crazy.

She Snorts When she Laughs, and That Just Makes Her Laugh Harder

1 Now she’s just lost it.

The laughter is contagious. One of the lighting guys has a genuine tear from laughing so hard.

Fixing her Hair

1 In all of her punch-drunk laughter, one of her strands came loose.

She’s attaching it back into place.

She doesn’t use a mirror. Someone tells her how to put it, and she tries to put it like that without being able to see herself.

This leads to a lot of amusement.

Feeling Dramatic

1 Here she is being dramatic in the studio lights.


1 She started talking about Annya-Leona, who she misses terribly. They worked together for the better part of two days, and by the end, she was really in love with her.

When they parted, it was a pretty sad scene.

Now she mentions her heartache when she thinks of Annya-Leona being far away in Europe.


1 Oh… ah.

Now she’s started crying. Oh, jeez. What do we say?

Hey… Verachantesse, hey, there there.

We’ll setup another photo shoot with you and Annya-Leona when she gets back from Europe, ok?

Don’t cry…


1 1 After a while the costumer girl calmed her down and got the tears stemmed.

Makeup got her mascara cleaned up.

Now she’s a little worried she’ll do it again.

Everyone’s telling her don’t worry, it’s OK, it’s OK.

You’ll do great. Just think of happy thoughts, like the whole snorting incident from earlier!

The Photoshoot Runs Long…

1 1 She’s starting to get a little sleepy.

The yawns, like the laughter, are contagious.

One of the lighting guys is napping in the corner, and the makeup girl is sleeping on top of him.

It’s about time to call it a day.

Everyone is Getting Ready to Go Home and Sleep…

1 Good night, little princess.

Sweet dreams.



Tinker Belle V - At Night the Ice Weasels Come

With these, I am experimenting with the light setup.


Moonlit mood.


Blue. Dark. Fear her.

1 1

Or… you know… she fears you. Whatever works.


Dramatic light work. Pay special attention to the tattoo.

1 1

Asleep. Again.


Tinker Belle VI - Give Her Wings, and She Will Fly -

1 I rigged the wings to her. And her skirt. Not perfect, but I’m starting to learn that, in 3D, nothing ever is. It’s all just smoke and mirrors, and just enough to make it look convincing.

1 No-one turntables this reality.

1 Her skirt is attached to her via magic. That’s how Tinker Belle really is, so it might be fine, but I think I want to attach it to her with something non-magic. First, though, time to re-build her fishnet body stocking.

1 The set is a giant icosphere extruded, twisted, extruded again, some faces deleted, and a nice jewelline material applied. I am trying to experiment with backgrounds that are simple, geometric, and provide interesting patterns when viewed with the very soft focus of a shallow depth of field.

Screen space reflections are pretty funny. I should probably turn them off.

Transparency in the Drawn World

1 1 1 1 To make her wings transparent in Eevee and Workbench both, I settled on a geometric approach. Not sure I like the end result, but it’s still interesting.

It also is less manageable, since the wings are now a bunch of unconnected faces. Expanding/contracting selection doesn’t work, and I have to manage it with a bunch of vertex groups for selection.

The top two renders are Eevee, the bottom two are Workbench.

The Old Umbrella Girls Set

1 1 Here are some images that I made with the old Umbrella Girls set, before I built the jewelline world.

Here, I picked a nice new aqua-marine world colour, with a blue and green motif.

It required changing the lighting setup, because her skin was a sort of sick pale green. Shining some extra-reddish lamps on her helped even that out.

Sunset Umbrella Girls Set

1 1 Playing a bit with sky and horizon colours.

The Drawn Girl

1 1 Toying with the drawn look.

I am hoping to make an animation with this shader, so I need to experiment with it.

In this case, I decided I don’t like the shadows of the set dropped on her. They are too geometric. I may just remove the roof/ceiling entirely.