Verachantesse Free Download

Wherein I Let You Download Verachantesse

1 It’s time. She’s pretty done for the moment, and in a state where I think other artists could enjoy learning from her.

Why download Verachantesse instead of someone else?

  1. Her fingers, toes, and face are rigged.
  2. Her knees, elbows, shoulders, and neck are not just simple two-bone joints anymore
  3. You can get some really good deforms/poses with her

The main point of her is for you to look at all her cracks, crevices, and bits to figure out how she fits together, how she works, etc, and learn things. But you could use her as a basis for your own art. Read on to understand the limitations there.

If you’re making free art that anyone can download and share, you probably don’t need to read any of the legalese, but if you plan to make even a penny selling your art with her, better read carefully.

The Unfortunate Legalese

Verachantesse Created by Philo Viveró, 2019-2020. Copyright 2019-2020. All rights reserved, except where explicitly noted otherwise.

The spirit of the legalese


Don’t be a dick

Put some effort into your art, and if you want to make money with it, make sure it represents a large multi-month personal effort. Don’t sell other people’s work as your own. If you make something really awesome on top of someone else’s effort, let them buy that awesome thing from you for no profit.

No Selling in Collections

You cannot change the rig, model, background, or anything else to sell either alone or in a collection. The ONLY thing you may possibly sell for any amount is a piece of artwork that you’ve put significant effort into. Okay… now on to the legalese.


1 You are not allowed to sell for any monetary amount - this work - any derivitive of this work - any portion of this work - any portion of any derivitive of this work.

You are not allowed to offer work for hire that uses this work or any derivitive of it.

Exceptions to the Restrictions:


2D images/artwork you may sell as long as

  1. the image/artwork contains on it, in human-readable form, an attribution to Philo Viveró, preferably “Philo Viveró was here!”
  2. the image/artwork is a physical, tangible thing, like a canvas print, or metal surface engraving, etc. A PNG, JPG, JP2, etc computer file IS NOT physical or tangible, and is not permitted to be sold.

3D objects you may sell, as long as

  1. the object has an attribution to Philo Viveró, preferably “Philo Viveró was here!” on it. On the bottom of the base of the object is fine.
  2. The object is physical and tangible, like a carved/machined sculpture, plastic figurine, hologram embedded in a plastic cube, etc.
  3. The object is obviously, upon casual observation by a normal person, a piece of art. To wit, a DVD-ROM with a computer file on it would not be sellable.

All such artwork must represent at least 3+ months of artistic effort by the seller

As defined by a reasonable disinterested artist. For example, new cosplay outfits created by the seller on the characters. The girls may be recognised as the original characters, but their accoutrements are quite different, elaborate, and detailed.

You must offer one copy

of any 2D or 3D derivitive object you have created to Philo Viveró at cost, should there possibly be more than one of the derivitive object. If it is completely unique, you must allow Philo Viveró, at a time convenient to him, to photograph or otherwise record for posterity, the object in its display location.

No other rights or permissions are granted

in any form whatsoever. If you want some other exception, contact the artist, Philo Viveró, directly. He has an very prominent internet presence, and a gmail account with his name. Send him email, or search the internet for his name.

Should any portion of this license be invalid or unenforcable, the work shall be considered licensed under the Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND). Only allowed to download and share, must credit me, but can’t change the file/art in any way or use commercially.

Attribution - The Giants on Whose Shoulders I Stood:

1 The base mesh was originally created with MB-Labs. This is now 100% different from that mesh, but it definitely helped get me here. Thanks, Manuel Bastioni!

Many tutorials and Stack Overflow posts helped me understand things to do. Especially relevant are Pancake Manicure and Royal Skies, LLC. An occasional Danpro here and there. Thanks!

The Rigify rig helped me understand what I really needed out of a rig. So although my rig is 100% my own, many principles are based on the Rigify rig. Thanks!

Thanks to the fine folks at the Smutbase Discord for helping out now and then!

And of course, many thanks to all the Blender devs. Blender is legit.

Documentation - Random Things You Might Find Useful:

1 Not anatomically correct. Not for porn. Just MET-Art-like images/animations.

I can’t figure out why the root bone won’t properly rotate. Everything looks setup correctly. If you want to rotate a girl, rotate her rig in Object Mode.

Some scaling is applied to various body parts. To get back to a base size, select the rig object itself, clear scaling. Get into pose mode, show all four rig layers, select all bones, reset size, location, rotation.

Armature Layers. 1=Basic controls. 2=Tweaks. 7=Muscles. 8=Bones. 9=Trash Bin. Mostly you deal with layer 1. Occasionally 2. Almost never 7,8. Never 9.

I can’t figure out how to have the IK hand control rotate AND move the hand without introducing a cycle into the rig. So there are two different controls. Same with ankle/foot. Deal with it.

The .Blend File

Includes all the stuff. Rig. Model. Textures. Animation with about 50 poses. Colourful mask. Hearts decals. Good stuff. Click here to download the .blend.gz: You must use the gzip utility to uncompress it before you try to open it with Blender.