Tailey Goth and Candy Faerie Contrasts - I

Tailey Goth and Candy Faerie Contrasts - I -

Now I have four models available. They are Tailey Fang, Annya Leona, Noella Kamilah, and Princess Verachantesse.

If you would like to model/rig a 3D character of your own, you can find several of my tutorials on Youtube. You should be logged in, since much of the content is 18+, and Youtube will not show it to you unless you are logged in.

If you want to support me and my work, or you are impatient, and just want to download the women and go to work immediately, make sure you download and install Blender (2.90 or more recent), know how to use it, and then get whichever character makes most sense from my Gumroad Products Page.

  1. Tailey Fang - Newest rig/character, ca June 2021. Tailey is an Asian character, far more anatomically-correct in the elbows/knees (etc) moreso than the other characters. She looks similar to Annya-Leona, sharing the same base mesh, but with dramatically different proportions. She is most-recommended.
  2. Annya-Leona - Newer rig/character, ca January 2021. Annya has very long legs and inflated breasts.
  3. Noella Kamilah - Older rig/character, ca January 2021. Similar to Princess Verachantesse, Noella Kamilah has an older mesh than Annya-Leona, but a newer rig.
  4. Princess Verachantesse - Oldest rig/character, ca mid 2020. Probably not recommended. Princess Verachantesse looks nearly identical to Noella Kamilah, but has more cartoonish proportions, and a much older rig. Both Verachantesse and Noella look a lot like each other when the skin tone is set, but they are different. Unless you really know what Verachantesse offers over Noella, I recommend Noella.

In general you can search Philo Vivero to find out more about me. I can be found on Discord and in Gmail.

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