Return of the Large Asian Girl - III

Return of the Large Asian Girl - III -

This is a page about Tailey Fang, a Larger Asian Girl. We have taken her to the studio to try on a lot of different outfits, colours, lights, and moods. Just pick the ones that make you happiest, and check them out.

Welcome to a haven for beautiful 3D girls having simple fun in the nude! If you want to support my work, check my stores:

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The characters you find here and on other sites of mine are as follows:

  • Princess Verachantesse, Singer Girl. She is my favourite, so the latest rigs, animations, textures, etc I usually put on her first, then onto the other girls as time permits.
  • Annya Leona, Eastern European Girl. She has very long legs and very large breasts.
  • Dymphna Eir, Non-Human Elf Girl. Short, average style thicker body, and with pointy ears.
  • Endeara Devika, Indian Girl. She has a similar body style to Monette, but very definitely Indian.
  • Lilithe Classica, Asian Girl. She is the younger sister of Tailey. Very skinny!
  • Monette Taida, Surfer Girl. She has a surfboard. And she is a blonde. A bit bigger and more muscular than the others.
  • Tailey Fang, Asian Girl. She seems to be most popular with most people, she is a taller/larger-than-average Asian lady.
  • Zandeya Stormer, American Girl. With glasses and braces, she is a bit nerdier than her peers, but spunky nevertheless!

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