AnnyaLeona BlueOutfit I

AnnyaLeona BlueOutfit I -

Now I have Three models of varying quality and sophistication available. They are Princess Verachantesse, Annya Leona, and Noella Kamilah.

If you would like to model/rig a 3D character of your own, you can find several of my tutorials on Youtube. You should be logged in, since much of the content is 18+, and Youtube won’t show it to you unless you are logged in.

If you are impatient, and just want to download the women and go to work immediately, make sure you download and install Blender (2.90 or more recent), know how to use it, and then

  1. Get the older Princess Verachantesse (only for legacy purposes or Blender 2.83)
  2. Get the new, updated rig/character Annya-Leona or
  3. Get the improved rig/character, similar to Princess Verachantesse, Noella Kamilah

45p right 45p left 45p right 45p left