Fractals are mathematically-generated. In this case, the artist isn’t so much like a painter, as like a photographer. The hard part of a fractal is exploring the giant mathematical universe and finding the interesting compositions, snapping a photo, so to speak.

Blood of the Rainbow Sacrifice

Here we view Mayan gods and their skeletal forms as they perform a rainbow sacrifice to the altar of blood. 1

Downtown Spanish Future

A view of a giant Spanish spaceship as it travels through interstellar realms. 1

Electric Insectoid Sunset

Here little fireflies and other bugs fly up into the early dusk night sky. 1

Fast-Approaching Dandelion Seeds

Self-explanatory really. 1

Flight of the Red Lantern

The hero image, this is a lantern flying off into the night sky. 1

Future Architecture

This is what a bank looks like in 2035. 1

Ice on a Doilie Morning Scene

Ice. On a doilie. In the morning. Need we say more? 1

Iterative Watermelon

Sometimes you need to do basic math to come up with a great watermelon. 1

Reflective City Walls

Two different pictures of a strange new future city.

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