how very peculiar this word you use,
not precisely the diction i would choose.
indeed that'd be far from lighthearted jest,
but perception is ours to do with our best.
not every communique is a treacherous ruse:

not precisely the diction i would choose,
you frame this exchange like one must lose.
take what you're given and build, create!
if you sense it is low, why not elevate?
try another stanza, one you love to use:

have you got something besides trepidatious words?
something beautiful like a canopy of elated birds?
or wonderful like skies dotted with starlight sheen?
imagination of transcendent wonders unseen?
so lift up this discourse and take it above!
give it something passionate if not your love!


how low! how peculiar! this word you use:
not precisely the diction i would choose.


Out of adversity comes art. I have discovered one's attitude defines one's
life. When we see ugly treachery in our peers, the brilliant and loving ones
walk away. When we see beauty, they stay.

Walk away? Or stay?