/she, goddess/ (philo viveró)

she lost her virginity to her index finger
she lost her innocence to a heavy fist
the first time she felt the weight of a lover on her chest;
smelled the sweet juice of her labia minora on her lips
as she buried her probiscus inside the girl's flower;
she lost her way in the world

her lovers helped her get back up
whenever she fell
none of them were perfect
but none were rapists & none liked to fight
all of them had elegant curves
long, delicate necks and fingers
that beckoned her with subtlety
they had flowing hair and muscular legs
that wrapped her up in their safety

they weren't brutish animals with thick jaws and dull eyes
that sized her down and beat her up

and her mother's hollow words echoed in her spinning mind
a good, tall man is good for you and he will provide
he will provide
she laid back and took the girl's fingers in her own
she felt her petals pushed aside--vulvæ-probing probiscus
the butterfly drank her nectar
and as she rocked herself to a plateau
as the tears welled up in her reflective eyes
the droplets streaked her hot, blushed cheeks
and tapped on her pillow
like the raindrops of a new spring
she took herself into a new world
and pulled the girl along for a ride

there, in the sunlight, they stood naked
wings unfolded and hands clasped loosely
exposing their feelings and philosophies
they stood naked before the world together

opened flowers, unfolded probiscuses,
flitting on the reign of the day
escaped the tyrrany of the night
touching each others' cheeks
and gazing into each others' eyes

these judged goddesses; god, what fiery eyes!