/the rise of the trinity/ (philo viveró)

a dark room, a quick glance, a knowing look, and then it's all over
and i'm left to the mercy of the trance's beat and flashing lights
so i cower behind my thin façade and hope beyond hope
that when i leave this lonely crowd that i won't sleep alone
because the dreams keep coming
and if there's no goddess to hold
no comforting thighs to cover my midriff
then what's to hold the floodgates
that hold the religious dæmons at bay?
and when it's all said and nothing's done and i walk alone
and i sit in the car and listen to the engine moan
and the only company is the DJ's midnight voice
something that hints at desperation comes over me
but new dreams are coming
these aren't the dark ages anymore
i've stepped into a new world
millennium approacheth and i'm alive
i will see the goddesses and feel their hot gaze
you just wait and see. you just wait for it, you will see
the little girls of today; the goddesses of tomorrow
the first to live their lives in a world where god is dead
and doesn't preach starvation and corsets and dirtiness
their world will be one of healthy bodies, strong wills,
happy lives, powerful minds, and all the things that
their grandmothers did not have -- the first girls to sit
in bright rooms, throwing knowing looks to their lovers
living without fear