/god! what fiery eyes!/ (philo viveró)

when i looked down upon the earth
and showered it with my thoughts
and saw the ripples in the sparse puddles
and lived those past lives again
i touched the fingertips of the young ladies that stretched out light-years
on either side of me and watched the sparks in their eyes as they awoke
and showered their thoughts down to the surface of the earth
the ring of heavenly bodies showering 90's dreams down on the earth
and god, what fear the empty husks had
as they hid beneath their books and newspapers
from this downpour that the naked girls thought
and god, what sparkling eyes these ladies had
i touched the keyboard and probed out through the electric labyrinth
and touched hello but for a brief moment before the sparks began to fade
and when she held up the mirror, i saw a million eyes looking at me from behind
they see my weakest spot, they see my ugliest side, and i have let them in
if only to see the sparkle in their eyes
and the rapture in their naked curves
and the smiles that say "we know, we live, too!"
and as their million nipples point at me
and i see their ugliest sides
i can only sigh my ecstatic sigh
these women; god what fiery eyes!