/girls for boys/ (philo viveró)

girls for boys i wanna keep them for pets
stroke her hair as she licks me and sits with me
that girl has no use for this kind of abuse
she's a mind of her own and emotions that've grown
beyond the point of a stroke on her head

that girl has no use for the quiet condolences
soft sighs and coos and meaningless grunts
the kind dollars that float down her bras
or the sad eyes that sympathize silently
her woes aren't yours to have or to hold

girls for boys i want to make their lives easy
tell her where to put her tongue
and that dress she wears that's so sexy
girls wear red for the boys
and get your cleavage ready for saturday

girls for boys -- do the girls really need the boys?
do they care to live their lives a parade of sexual toys?
what use have goddesses for boys?