/eye of eve/ (philo viveró)

I love my lady
So she says she loves me, too
Exotic and strange -- Love and Pain
She loves to be angry so it seems
She deals in pain but that's her way
Little angel -- Eve to the core
Touch with fingers that she says will heal
"It hurts now -- it'll be healed tomorrow"
She is not unlike the Sadist
Except in love
And there she excels
She does love
The more she loves, the more Pain she doles out
Eve to the core, flicks her hair back
meets my gaze with her eyes
They open, and open again -- black hole
Takes my gaze in, it cannot escape
Sucks to be looking into that black hole
It will flare into explosive anger
When she realizes this poem is hers
Eve to the core
Explosive anger -- the originator of pain
Pain that I revel in
Give it to me -- give me your core
Warm, moist, Eve to the core
Open your Iris to me and let me in
Spit me out -- Exotic & Strange -- Love & Pain