/dust in the wind/ (philo viveró)

a canvas of blank
potential raw and invigorating
just me and my imagination here
and this translates into a tale
wider than the expanse of a nebulae
where a little particle of dust
ponders its journeys through the mantle of a planet
through the corona of a sun, expulsed by solar flare
riding the wind of solar energy
it witnesses the planetfaring races
their stellar sailcraft pull societal assumptions
of a planet into the depths of a terrifyingly objective void
where naked and clothed mean nothing -- you might be a particle
a speck of dust floating through the ocean
of nitrogen that laps onto the shore of silicon
cooling its impulse-laden mind as it churns out the stream
of electricity -- yes no yes no -- high, low, wait state
and the particles of dust lie witnessing this barrage
overload of information. and a blackout provides us
with a canvas of blank
and we're left again with the daunting task
of telling our tales (we and our imaginations)
potential raw and invigorating ___