/taut dreams ripped thru a pinhole/

taut dreams ripped thru a pinhole by an overanxious girl
she wraps them around her head as she traverses their little worlds
with that particular skill that comes to her with ease
she is strength, a goddess who lets nothing hold her back
i overhear her say
“i’m going to win one of these days”
doesn’t she even know?
most dare not tread her roads
they lose where she wins;
they cannot compete
i follow her footprints ’til i can go no further
following a goddess’ feet
a vague fear, unease in the brittle air like fallen death
twinkles down thru her hair and settles into her womb to gain breath
she nurtures the threads of past spun by that elusive spider inside her
and hurls them with skill borne of practise at those who confront her
i oversee her dream by
catching the threads in my eyes
i return her gesture with a touch
an open hand to watch
and finally to lay her hand into the palm of my own
i follow her notes into the complex ’til i can hear no more
following a muse’s notes
who is she when i look on at her lying still in the blue light
of a quarter-moon night, writhing in slow motion in her own sweat
pooled around her wild hair and wild eyes; she has told the truths
that no-one wanted to hear; she has traversed their little worlds
and crashed in exhaustion onto this little altar in the ocean
in the middle of this maelstrom electriqueally swirling...
TAUT DREAMS ripped thru a pinhole by her overanxious hands
then wrapped clumsily about her torture her nights spent straining
and excercising her skills to help traverse their little worlds
for they cut her no slack nor do her any favours unless she’s naked
i’ve felt the sharp pain in my abdomen when she lies back
and spreads herself out in the pool of her own sweat and tears
nursing the black threads in her womb and calling on the spider
i follow her into the silhouettes of graveyards and dream with her
i follow her... i follow her...
taut dreams ripped thru a pinhole