/come out/ (philo viveró)

let me hold the whispy veils of your eyelashes
up to the reflective surface so you may see the stars
swimming in your teary eyes
spotted lights flickering in the skies
you let your cotton panties fall limp around your ankles

the fingers fondle your thighs then press inside
across your event horizon--what will reside
in your swollen womb after all
and will you always stand tall
with your heart-print cotton panties tripping you up

my fingers touch your salty-striped cheek
while your eyes glitter in the light of candles
i always saw you when you were naked
and each of my promises i made good
and wasn't i the one who bought you those panties?

when he saw you naked he saw a hole for his penis
an irritating woman with eyes to hold him back
i don't put you anywhere.
i can't.
if i could tell you where you stand
and tell you to drop the panties down to your ankles...

if i could do all this, what would you be
but an extension of my ego, me stroking me?
but you are not, you are my goddess
and you were his filthy bitch
which role do you prefer to play?
come out, come on out to play