/the trance/ (Greg Sherman)
a drop into chaos/and it makes no difference/now watch it
i used to get up at the same time each day/now what day do i get up?
it's day sometime night sometime/sometimes neither, and i can't say
a dark and cloudy sunrise blocks out the moon of night and ends the day

my righteous indignation that used to bend wills is but a shard of pride
left from a past life where things were steady,complete,more predictable
and the tears fall often and heavy but never when i expect them to
from the face of the victim/jewels that splatter crystalline onto you

    and i scream for it all to stop/give me peace!
    it doesn't go away/i'm so lost and scared
    the edge of insanity on its pulling border
    i'm crossing over, losing to the end of order

i ask for your help but you don't know who i am/you taste my tears
and ask if they are salty/can you have more/and wonder who it is i am
you don't remember our lives together/you wonder what person you see
am i to be trusted?/my frustration and anger sends you running from me

skip crying,screaming,trying to make it stop/go away/it all changes
changes around me like i sit in a whirlpool of reality/arms outstretched
i'm going to relax now/not going to move from cannons or guns all around
the soldiers don't scream; i only dream, this will not bring me down

    i have become comfortably numb
    countdown to zero--it's time to start the run
    i lie down for a rest, i need nothing
    i fear nothing/let it happen, for i'm weary
    i can't resist the pull of the jagged border
    let it come, let it end, end of order