/Savoring, Savouring, Sensing, Repeating/

savoring the senses of you
tantalizing lips of morning dew
effervescent reflections of color changing upon your eyes
your piano breath during sleep in its fall and rise
your apple scent hidden above your neck
warmth of your back against my chest
as i fingerpick over your shoulder while you fret
my classical guitar in the afternoon light

i partake in the savouring, too
your sense of me makes sense of you
a gold glint in auburn eyes from summer skies
the action of your fingers played underneath mine
two stings (sweat intertwined with hair pulled taut)
body warmth as i forced myself on you and you fought
my scent, taste, visage, feel, sound broke you down
you took me in with memories of your guitar's sound
played tandem in inky darkness the night had found
our music tied us to one-another freely bound

cloaked in inky darkness punctured by moonlight
the second part of our day is what others call night
as your magnetic gaze swept me in silent rapture
and your close embrace left me dotingly enamored
could it simply be because of your corporeal presence
or that in thoughts, our minds bound and dance in resonance?
i vow it must be both and perhaps a little more,
when your beauty inspires in my mind fancies galore
and your lingering affection in its delicate fashion
plucks my heartstrings to an undulating melody of passion

here it ends as all good things must do
as one ends another begins anew
this circle around my shoulders made by your arms
it's infinite: my arms, your arms, my arms, your arms
magnetic field lines embodied in our embrace
your smile builds my smile builds the smile on your face
this repetition is ours, we cherish it, we made it,
we touch it, we repeat it, we comb it, we braid it,
this repetition is ours, we bind it, we penetrate it,
we love it, we taste it, we pleasure it, we sate it.