/little simple/ (timeless)
little simple things
what joy they bring
a tick of time
tart sting of lime
savour senses, sing

/hair/ (timeless)
black silky mabel hair
a strand here another there
remind me of her
her sensual purr
an afternoon lost without care

/chaos, tumble/ (timeless)
test my resolve, girl
wrest and spin my world
put ground to sky
i'm petrified
my thoughts become unfurled

/feelings/ (timeless)
amiamabel mornings remind me
this feeling again will find me
i awaken to your sigh
and the touch of your thigh
with silk rope i hope to bind thee

/lover lies/ (timeless)
my lover lies next to me in bed
the scent of her being's in my head
i give her a kiss
to remind her of this:
we'll make love at sunrise instead

/serenity/ (amiamabel)
i appreciate all your poetry
a method of expression from many
each graceful caress
it steals my breath
leaves me in state of serenity

/friend/ (timeless)
a friend like Mabel is good
a part of me feels understood
when I speak my mind
she'll make it sublime
hearing what good poets should

i'm thrilled you found me, time
days laced with words divine
thoughts twirl as they should
as fast as they could
to send you gifts in rhyme