a touch brilliant
amiamabel mornings
taste like your body (timeless)

inspiration is
melodic metaphors and
poetry in time (amiamabel)

we inject method
into the madness we feel
to steal dreams from it (timeless)

We try to rope it
But the chaos always wins
Entropy is real (timeless)

I say it is not
Entropy but magical
Love that's binding us. (amiamabel)

One more sleepless night
Body invigorated
Longs to lay with you.

But dance! We danced well
Undulating together
As trees in the breeze

i napped. will nap more
hope you nap well on the train
need sex energy

Quavering, entwined
Whisked by the same rhythmic pulse
Yes, I love your style
quivering in sync
blown by a soft rhythmic pulse
yes i love your style
Then we slept again
But my body awoke yours
So we touched again

the limit's afar
just short of infinity
is where we shall stop (timeless)

you begin the day
on the twenty-two again
with my underwear (timeless)

the fasting broken
by a bit of me inside you
it'll be alright (timeless)

going across town
while en route to therapy
your taste in my mouth (amiamabel)

and i shall tell her
the thirst is insatiable
my thirst for your love (amiamabel)

simple summer strolls
confusion meets exhaustion
we ride slowly home (timeless)
glad to be slowly
heading toward my neighborhood
wish i'm in your bed (amiamabel)

our lyric beauty
tastes like haiku on spring air
true delicacy (timeless)

thoughts with you lover
enjoy the socal weather
and make it home safe (timeless)

Hot stuffy traffic
Lets us inch our way back north
In the blazing sun (amiamabel)

I long for your arms
And the city's summer breeze
To welcome me home (amiamabel)

she glows something new
sexual discovery
sunny tuesday comes (timeless)

the routine remains
inability to leave
schedules are delayed (timeless)

this is our fate, yes?
to be wrapped inside our arms
sharing body warmth (timeless)
you take part of me
this philosophy we share
i take part of you (timeless)

it is afternoon
and i'm still in blissful glow
warm reminiscence (amiamabel)

always a surprise
new heights, feelings every time
i've found my lover (amiamabel)

the most attentive,
generous, genteel, patient
he's incomparable (amiamabel)

i don't mind delays
"kisses are a better fate
than wisdom," i heard (amiamabel)

finally at home
colorful weekend of dance
miss your lips my love (amiamabel)

i think therefore i--
don't complete that thought, Mabel!
"AM" means morning. (timeless)

the rhythm is bold
testing our physical breath
yes you're lovely now (timeless)

the rhyme is untold
in dance, in thoughts, infectious
yes we're soaring now (amiamabel)

haiku storm brewing
distant poetic license
rumbles and thunders (timeless)