Stephen Ferguson Fractal Generating Programs

Here are the three (now a fourth) fractal programs I've used to create these pages. I've created this page because all the pages I used to go to for downloading these programs seem to've disappeared. I most recommend Sterling Fractal 1 and 2, with Tierazon 28 next. I don't actually recommend Tierazon2, but you may have different opinions than I on that subject.

686K Most Recommended. This seems to be the most power for easy-to-use fractal generator. This download includes the source code. Good luck getting a development environment set up to compile it!
446K Equally Most Recommended. Tad Boniecki changed all the formulas from the orginal Sterling program to make new fractals possible. Yes, the names of the formulas are identical, but they do different things. There were some constraints dealing with out-of-date development environments which kept the formula names from being updated. Instructions are included in the zip.

This comes from Soler's Fractal Page where there is a mirror of the ZIP, some more information, and a few rather nice fractal galleries using the new formulas.

303K Also Recommended. This seems to have less power, but is also quite easy to use.
578K Not Recommended. Fairly convoluted and difficult to understand, but looks very extensible using extensions.
61K Plugins for Tierazon2.

Happy fractal explorations!