./Rendered/Blender/vivero skinshader 20050706

Here are some test renders using the skin shader from the Girl With the Wind In Her Hair .blend.

The skin shader is a completely reworked Henti/Gillan shader that is a little more difficult to use but is, in my opinion, easier to tweak. In case it isn't already clear, I mean to say that the Henti/Gillan skin shader is very useful in its own right, and this doesn't replace it. :)

This shader is, by default, a little more suited to a darker-skinned individual, but as you can tell from the renders, various sorts of white people are represented, too.

01 skinshader candle

02 skinshader sunlight with fill flash

03 skinshader ambient only

04 skinshader very freckled

05 skinshader very clear smallveins

06 skinshader no small veins nor pores

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