"Shaking the Cage" WIP images. These are various images to show how "Shaking the Cage" was built. Mostly just unprocessed renders. The final picture's name will be "Cage Affixion."

The base mesh started out as the new MakeHuman Z0 mesh modelled by Manuel Bastioni and Z0. I changed the morphology quite a bit, then changed the topology a little (maybe 5%), then created a new armature (based off my previous armature), then posed her and made these renders.

The fractal bodypaint is applied as a normal texture, and the nipples, body hair, etc are all a UV-unwrapped texture.

Cage Affixion Fractal Body Paint

Cage Affixion

The fractal that is used for her bodypaint. A wireframe render for educational purposes. And then the bodypaint version, but the straight-on angle that I abandoned in favour of the "odd angle."

Cage Affixion odd Angle wire

I Must Be One of the Wonders Feb2005

The preceding picture is how I initially did "Shaking the Cage." After doing it, however, I realised it would look better if her left arm were up like her right arm, to go with the cross-like background, so I re-did the image.

I was originally going to call this new composition "I Must Be One of the Wonders (feb 2005)" since its original goal was to be a better version of that image, but then I decided since I wasn't using the fractal bodypaint, I'd pick a different name.

odd angle girl

Here are two renders of the girl at an odd angle. This was just a render I did to see her face up close to make sure the eyelashes and eyebrows looked the way they should. I kind of like the angle, so I whipped up a quick image based on it. These are just sketches, I figure.

odd angle girl shadow

Shaking the Cage shadow Demo

This is how "Shaking the Cage" looks like with no background or postprocessing. This is more or less straight from Blender's internal renderer, but with a simple drop shadow and white background.

Three Views of I Must Be One of the Wonders

This is three views of the girl posed for the initial image that I decided not to use. There is actually a bit of modelling that goes on from image to image, but largely, they're the same.

Yes, I was originally going to call it "I Must Be One of the Wonders (feb 2005)" but decided I should just come up with a new name for it, especially since the original reason for calling it that was the funckey fractal bodypaint on the original.

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