I'm working on hair now. I've changed from UV-mapped texture to UV-mapped procedural which helps a little bit, but not as much as I'd hoped. Upon reflection, I realise this is an intractable problem, I just need to be careful to not stretch the planes too much across their breadth.

In any case, I've figured out a workflow that allows me to make more better-looking hair more quickly than before. As always, the biggest two problems are: (1) How to make hair lie realistically across shoulders, or otherwise interact with the body. (2) How to make the hairline look natural.

01. rtr initialsketch

An initial sketch working on hair and some translucent cloth.

02. fht detail leg

02. fht detail middle

02. fht detail top

02. fht full 900

Some tests with the old mesh (which is more poseable) and the same hair (well, tweaked a bit) and a new lighting model. I kind of liked it, so I added a textured background and did a bit of postprocessing.

03. flyht 900

An amusing distraction. Dye. Woman. Nudity. It's all good.

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