I Must Be One of the Wonders -- WIP Page

This image was created after I took the Z0 mesh from the MakeHuman project and morphed all the vertexes to create a thin asian woman. First, I morphed all the vertexes in the default pose. Then I imported the armature rig from my asian woman, then posed her.

You can get the .blend from and look at the final image on my page of Blender renders. Blender can be got from the Blender community download page.

Here is the mesh in an alternate (simpler) pose, that is a bit remniscent of the old MakeHuman default pose.

imbootw alternatepose

This is my Blender environment at the finish of the modelling and posing. The render was done using these settings. I use the PNG output with RGBA so that I can later add a background and other interest to the image. I could also import a texture that I create as a world texture, and render that rather than add the background in postprocessing, but that just seems like an unnecessary extra step.

imbootw blender Shot

This is the fractal image that I applied as a texture to the woman to make her look like... well, one of the natural wonders. The image was generated using Sterling Fractal, which you can find on my fractal programs download page.

imbootw moths To the Flame.800

The swirly, dark background that I added completely with GIMP after-the-fact. At first I just took a default brush and brushed a lot of dark dreary colours around the canvas. Then I swirled/pinched (this has to be the most useful GIMP tool ever), resized, then started copying/pasting chunks around onto the canvas to get highlights into the areas that I wanted.

imbootw swirly Dark

Here is a wireframe render of the image.

imbootw wire

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