Here are some images during the making of Girl With the Wind In Her Hair.

Textures: Three layers. First, the procedural layer is a highly modified version of the Henti/Gillman skin shader from these very forums. By highly modified, I mean doesn't really resemble the original shader at all. Second layer is a UV-mapped colour map for the lip colour, tattoo, cheek colour, and the dark line running through her belly button. Third layer is a normal map for adding a little texture to her body.

Modelling: The girl is a highly modified version of the Z0/Bastioni mesh from the MakeHuman project. By highly modified, I mean the topology is about 20% different, and the morphology is (clearly) about 95% different. There is very little about the mesh that resembles the MakeHuman mesh anymore.

Postprocessing: I used GIMP to create the background and to fill out her hair a bit which, after the render, was still a little thin. I also covered up a couple of the shadows from the hair which had gotten a little bit distorted. Then did a bit of colour correction/modification, and added the title/attribution.

I named this image after an old work I did by the same name, which can be found on my traditional art works page.

001 gwtwihh blender

This is the 900-pixel-wide image.

002 gwtwihh face detail

003.5 gwtwihh legs detail

003 gwtwihh midriff detail

004 gwtwihh torso detail

Here are four detailed sections of the full-size image, which is 3400x2500.

005 gwtwihh wire solid superimposed

This is two screenshots of my workspace. Once with the solid geometry view, and once with wire, then superimposed in GIMP. I think I could get something about as good by going into the UV map editor and then edit my mesh, but it wouldn't be posed, so... take this. :/

006 vivero skinshader demo

Here is a screenshot of an unmodified render from a .blend from earlier in the day. Her hair wasn't in its final location, and I'm not positive, but I think I tweaked her eyes and the shaders a bit after this as well.

tiny key render

tiny premul render

Two test renders using Premul and Key options on the render menu. Both seem to be identical, insofar as the resulting image looks fine on either a black or white background. I still don't completely understand the difference.

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