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Azn Girl and Palm Tree

girl flyandstandpose 1200

Above is a composite set of four renders, two with area lights, two with flashlights, in two different poses. Mainly this is to get an idea of some anatomy correctness and skin shader details. At this point I'm fairly happy with the anatomy and skin shader, but need to work on some details on the hands and feet.

girl multirenders 2007 04 29

Above is another set of renders of the mesh completely reworked for posing and emotions. Many changes to the face, body, etc. I'm not sure I like the overall morphology, but the topology is definitely better.

Playing with Jahka Hair Particles Patch I I

Playing with Jahka Hair Particles Patch

Playing with Jahka Particles Patch low I II

Above are a test renders dealing with hair. The first was using particle guides, the others with Jahka's particle patches, using hair comb/cut/style. It's a little hard controlling the hair, but as I continue working with it, I might be able to figure out the extra little controls that I haven't yet done.

render 2007 05 06 Deform Test, Elbows still Quite Bad

Above are some more test renders. First is shapekey blending and controlling shape keys with armature bones. Second and third are simply deform tests making sure the armature can control the mesh mostly correctly before I start correcting the forms using shape keys.

render 2007 05 06 Deform Test I I, Hands on Thighs

render 2007 05 09 shape key blending and armatures 1200

renders test poses armature only

Here are some new test poses using armatures. I want to get the mesh to deform mostly correctly before I start using shape keys to finalise the forms of the shoulders, hips, etc. In the leftmost pose, she is leaning forward a bit so I can see how her ribs interact with her torso in a largely upright pose. The left shoulder has some ugly twisting that'll need fixing eventually. Also, you can see the neck has some hints toward proper anatomy, but only hints. The middle pose is more extreme shoulder and midriff posing. The rightmost is the unposed t-pose that is my base model setup.

renderz Mouth and Eye Tests Shape Keys, Armatures

Above are three renders doing mouth and eye tests. I have found amazing versatility in completely symmetrical shape keys, then just having two "face scrunch" shape keys on the left and right to add some assymetry.

At this point, the main thing I'm concerned with is that when she's smiling, it looks like a fake "I'm sad but trying to smile" sort of smile. I guess this is my lack of facial anatomy showing through. I thought I understood enough to get a legitimate smile, but clearly I don't.

Six Girls Iterrelated





Vertex Pusher on blenderartists hooked me up a page of tutorials about how to do rigging in Blender. This page at geneome.net gave me the final hints about how to tie a bone rotation/movement to a shape key. Using this super-simple model I created some shape keys, then tied them to this single bone which when I move around gives me some interesting character animation looks. It makes me realise that creating a silly character that has toon-like expressions is really a lot easier than doing something convincing with an actual human character.

S SS Test Renders Actual S SS vs. Gaussian Blur in G IM P

Above we have some test renders to simulate SSS. On the left is a Henti/Gillan/Vivero skinshader with two area lights illuminating the model then postprocessed in GIMP. In the middle we do the same thing, but with a point light to compare against SSS. Finally, on the right, we have a plain Blender 2.44RC2 SSS shader (with some colour correction in GIMP, but no blurring).

I like the SSS effect, but unfortunately it has a couple of drawbacks I haven't figured workarounds for just yet. If you make your object scale too large, such that the SSS looks good, the "pore" slash "goosebump" texture that I've given her become large and splotchy, and look like skin defects rather than SSS. Also, it's quite slow compared to the non-SSS renders.

The fake SSS applied in GIMP (which isn't even a complex method as described in various Blender forums, but truly a simplistic 2D fake SSS) seems to work just as well, at least for this pose and this lighting.

My fake GIMP SSS (which, when applied strongly enough, is also bloom), is simply to duplicate the layer, blur it with Gaussian blur, use "soft light" on the duplicated higher layer, increase the contrast by about 40-70 (depending on the exposure of the render), increase or decrease the brightness 'til it looks good, then decrease the saturation (to counteract the increased saturation you get when you increase contrast).



Wireframe Posed 1

Wireframe Posed 2

Above are wireframe views. Some of the lines aren't drawn by Blender for some reason, so it looks like there are five-vertex and six-vertex faces. In fact, there are none. Every face is a quad given this is a one-level subsurf on a mesh.

Workspace Screenshot3

Above are some screenshots of my workspace edited in GIMP for clarity. There are two views of the wireframe of the model without subsurf applied, an overlay of wireframe view on top of solid view, and then a screenshot of the workspace to give an idea of the lighting setup.

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