Verachantesse XIV

What Is That We See?!

1 Is it transparency on the hair? Is it an improved skin shader? Is it UV unwrapping? Maybe… just maybe… it’s all of the above.

Not much to say. Mostly just to show.

Forgive the fishnet stockings that don’t appear to be held up by anything. If you have been following the plot thus far, you’ll know they’re bodypainted onto her.

I’ll add a lace panty belt or garter or something soon so that it looks like actual fishnets. For now, just know that actually they’re painted on.


1 Still not full Pancake Manicure node setup. Just doing transparency at the ends. This also required me to double the vertex count of her hair. Now my workstation can barely handle what’s happening. It constantly re-renders her that silvery statue while it recompiles the shaders.

Still not full Pancake Manicure…

Not sure the hair is responsible. Maybe it’s…



I added a couple extra procedurals with scale 12,000 and 1,400. That seems to make Blender a bit angry, too.

…seems to make Blender a bit angry

Is it memory contention? Is 4GB on my GPU not enough? Or 16GB main RAM?

Is it something else entirely?

We’ll never know.

Doe’s Eyes Doe

1 1 This is something I’ve been wondering a while.

I wanted them to look green

I made the reflections on her eyes white (that is, same colour as the light they were reflecting).

But then when viewing her from a distance, and there was a lot of specular, her eyes looked white. I wanted them to look green.

So now her cornea is a green-coloured glass, and all the specular has a greenish tinge. I don’t think this is physically correct or even visually correct, but at least her eyes always look green.