Verachantesse XII

Panic in the Streets!

1 I’ve lost the Pose Library again! Gaah! Only three random poses remain in the library. Oh well. I can load up from previous save, right?

Gaah! Everytime I do, the same three random poses are the only ones that come up in the appended library! Gaahh!

Oh wait, what’s this? I have some letters in the search box? Delete those. Ah. All my poses are back.

The zombies have been fought off…

This time.

To the right, Verachantesse does her best troll face.

What’s New, Then?

1 Well. Take a look at her belt. Not much different is it? A little thicker, maybe a little more glittery. Let’s change up her pose then, shall we?

1 What’s that?! What’s that??? Is that belt now up higher on her waist, and hanging down from the weight of gravity? Why yes, yes it is. How did I achieve this feat? Utter genius? Physics system? Soft body simulations?

No. Like a dumbass, I spent hours re-modeling a bunch of links, parented them to an armature, then parented that armature to her rig. Honestly I think although I can do poses like this and the belt has the option to do the right thing, it’s so laborious, I will unlikely keep it.

I’ve already gone back to the old belt for most renders. It was a fun diversion, I suppose, but in the end, just a waist of time.

Waist. Of time. Because the belt was on her… anyway. Forget it.

Okay, But Seriously, What’s New?

My. You’re a needy crowd.

Go look at that first render of the post again. Look more carefully at her eyelashes. Do you notice anything different? Anything subtle, glorious, incredible, awesome?


1 That’s because I tried making them actual hairs using the particle system. And it looks terrible. It seems like only three people on the planet know how to make particle system hair look good.

I spent a couple hours combing 100 little child eyelashes, and they would always grow out weird, never looked right, and were clumpy in all the wrong ways.

So I deleted them and put back in my individually-modelled eyelashes again.

Sad, sad.

<—— Here. Look at her old eyelashes again. Not the best eyelashes, but they’re the best we’ve got.

Also, this pose was one where her belt would do weird things, melting into her skin and going into her leg, so it was another pose where I could test the more poseable, riggable belt. It looks nice. Sure.

Still not gonna use it much.

And? We See Something Different…

1 Alright, alright. Since you asked.

When I put her in the bendover pose to test the belt, it had been a while (remember Verachantesse Post V? As a quick reminder, it’s what OMG I discovered how to rig her legs and butt properly for the first time evar).

In all the intervening modifications to her mesh, including that all-quads odyssey from last week, her butt vertexes were all different, and they deformed weird.

It wasn’t terrible, she still looked human, but it was uncharacteristic of a skinny girl like Verachantesse. So I stared at the metarig and the two butt bones and her bent-over pose for about five hours thinking about how butts work and how legs work.

Don’t tell me you wouldn’t do the same. I know what you’re thinking.

Then it occurred to me that the real problem was the top of her butt was too bubbly. So I smoothed that out, reduced its size, and now it deforms better. Let’s take a look from the side.

That’s it over there to the right. The view from the side. Wait. Did you already look at it without reading this intervening text? Stop that. Read the text, then look at the renders. There’s a proper order to these things.

I don’t have any renders of when it was bad, but basically it just kinda stood up about an extra inch tall and looked really odd. Pretty glad I finally solved that problem.

We Don’t Care About Butts. Stop Talking About Butts. What Else?

1 Oh ho! You knew I was holding out on you, didn’t you?

Verachantesse is all vertex painting and procedural textures. The tattoo on her back is a “import texture as plane” PNG that I hacked up in GIMP, but that doesn’t count. Because if it counted, this story wouldn’t make any sense.

So anyway, she’s all procedural textures and vertex painting.

Up until a few days ago, if you zoomed up on her, you would see insanely-smooth perfect skin. Like a porcelain doll. And no-one likes porcelain anymore. It’s passé at best, and probably doesn’t sit well in the polite crowd.

These days, we prefer marble. Marble is nice. So let’s zoom in on her now.

That’s right. Her skin looks like marble now, with all its beautiful marbelline imperfections. That’s why she has that crazy happy look on her face, because now she’s up on the current skin texture fad.

She’ll be the life of the party, no doubt about it.

If you’ve been following this series for long, you’ve probably figured out that if you want to see the images larger, you have to click on them and choose “view image” on your phone or computer or whatever. Then it’ll show you the image full-size.

If not? Well, now you know. You can go back and look at all the pictures from previous posts in their full 1600x1600 glorious high-resolution.

Thanks For the Post!

1 1 1 Sure. No problem.

All procedural and texture painting.

I just keep telling myself that.

Oh. There is one more thing. She has a ring on her left thumb now. It’s pretty subtle, and I don’t really focus on it in any of the renders. But I like it, and there it is.

It hadn’t been added until after the eyelash hair particles test, so that first topmost render doesn’t have the thumb-ring, but all the others do.

<—— Also, here’s a funny render where her white hairs are being blown. I want to try to work that into some renders at some point. Blowing hair is always interesting.