Verachantesse XI

A Nice $1,000 Pair of PV Heels Later…

1 1 So much sophistication and class are added to a woman who’s wearing a nice pair of high heels. Those boots were steampunk… goth… sure, interesting on the right kind of girl, but all-around low-class.

These heels, which… no bragging… look like $1,000 heels, are pretty nice and make her look amazing. They didn’t take too long to model, either. It was about an hour of a false start, then another hour doing it right. Maybe 30-60 minutes poking at a procedural texture, and boom! Beautiful shoes.

Beautiful, simple, elegant shoes.

Now I’m wondering if I should add the frilly colourful tights. It might detract from the simple elegance.

Let’s stare together at the original artwork we’re trying to mimic…

1 Yeah. The more I look at that, the more I think maybe not only is it gonna be a pain in the ass to model and rig all those things, but it adds too much noise to the image.

The only problem is, with all that colour at the top, with the umbrellas, I do need some weight at the bottom to help offset it. Perhaps just a simple set of black fishnets?

I’ll put some more thought into this. But for now, it might be time to start creating her “sister.” Who I will name “Ann.” Ann isn’t really Verachantesse’s sister, just some reasonably similar-looking girl they sourced from the valley.

What the F- with the Pose Library?

1 1 1 I was starting to collect a pretty sizeable set of poses for feet, hands, face, whole body, etc, and it was getting unmanageable. Then I noticed I could create a new “pose library” inside the pose library already there. Awesome! So I did that and started sticking feet poses into it.

All my carefully-built poses were obliterated.

Then I needed to edit another file. So I opened that up, did whatever, then came back to Verachantesse and… all my carefully-built poses were obliterated.


I only had these two feet poses that I had put into this other library remaining.

What the F- Blender?

1 This might be a Rigify thing, I honestly don’t know. But it really sucks to start all over on all the poses again. For the tenth time.

That brittle pose library that seems determined to throw away all my hard work at the slightest provocation. Damn you, pose library.

I had multiple times tried to import a pose library from another .blend and never found it. But just now, Now I’m reading up this post: and seeing if it will help me through.

(Time Passes…)

1 I am able to pull up the poses from another .blend, and I’m laboriously merging them together. Crossing my fingers it doesn’t just lose them again.

About to save, quit blender, re-open, and cross my fingers the poses are all still there.

(Time Passes…)

Aha. So if you have >1 Pose library, then whichever is active when you save the .blend file is what gets saved. The other library goes bye-bye. I suppose the little O to the left of the other pose library is the hint you have that it’s going to be obliterated on save. So I guess you only get one Pose library.

You can’t separate out your poses into multiple libraries. Only one gets saved with the .blend file.

There is a search function though, so if you name your poses properly, you can search for things, like “hands” or “fists” or “static” or “dynamic” etc.

With any luck, this will be the last time I lose all my poses!

Please please please let it be the last time…

What the F-, Blender? Parenting Suuuxx

1 1 Every time I try to attach something to her rig, something goes wrong. When I parented her shoes to the rig, her eyes flew out of her head, and it was about 45 minutes of “apply all transforms, WTF they are huge and on the other side of the world, resize, place, parent to rig, WTF they just flew off, reset origin, put origin at center of mass, apply all transforms, parent to rig WTF they flew off again.”

I had only modeled the one eye and duplicated it, but that was causing problems during this particular episode, so I eventually had to make her right eye real. Yet still they would fly out of her head whenever I parented them to the armature.

Eventually I just forced her eyes back into her head after parenting and did all the manual work of carefully rotating them exactly the same, setting their X coordinates to opposite, making Y and Z coordinates be identical, etc.

I know as soon as something happens to the rig, they’ll fly out of her head again, but whatever. I ran out of patience.

Blender is Really Good


All the above complaining aside… Blender is really good. I’m achieving a really good look already, and I’m still in preproduction stages. Once I am able to give these renders DOF, work with the lighting to get a better contrast and colour, and throw the images into GIMP for post-processing, I think I’m going to have something really nice that I can be proud of.

Thanks, Blenderheads, for all you’re doing!

Zombie Verachantesse agrees. Don’t you agree, Zombie Verachantesse? Yeah. That’s what I thought.

Can you ask the developers of Blender to prioritise getting the hardware acceleration working on high-end Mac hardware with AMD video gear? Because I want to be hardware-accelerated.”

By the way, Zombie Verachantesse has asked that we “prioritise getting the hardware acceleration working on high-end Mac hardware with AMD video gear, because I want to be hardware-accelerated.”

No, I didn’t just tell her word-for-word what to say. That’s really what she wants.