Verachantesse VIII

The Hairdresser Finally Showed Up -

1 1 She got some new colour, and curls and loops. We still need some long streamers for the photoshoot, because the original had girls with long hair. We will definitely have a different hairdo than the original picture, but long hair is required.

The umbrellas are gotten. The studio is set up.

Verachantesse is acting pouty and angry whenever she asks how long before the studio is setup, and the answer is “at least a few more hours.” Then she acts like this.

But not for long, because she’s inherently a jubilent soul.

Photos While Waiting for the Studio Setup

1 1 Verachantesse got playful and silly while the studio is still being setup. Rolling around on the floor and staring vacantly into the studio lighting every now and then, as she remembers something or another.

I needed to test all the extreme deforms. These poses have extreme knee, hip, waist, shoulder, and neck deforms.

Although none of it is great, it’s close enough for the photo shoot, so I will probably wait on corrective shape keys until later.

Also, I played around with the colour temperature a little bit. A bluish light on the left, and a yellowish light on the right. I am a little happier with the warmer colour here, although for the final photo shoot, where she’s supposed to be in a slightly dark, wet, gloomy place, I’ll likely go with some blue highlights.

What Else Changed?

1 1 I re-did her hair, yes. That much is clear. But also, I had to add some edges to her butt, and didn’t like the deforms afterward. I realised my topology just wasn’t ever going to deform well.

So I bit the bullet, and did the thing where I delete half her mesh, mirror, lose a bunch of vertexes in the finer parts of her join, re-did her butt, and all the other parts, then sewed her back together.

Now her butt deforms pretty well, which is half the point of those poses in the last section.

My wife didn’t like her hair so pink, like left. She recommended reversing how much is pink and how much black. So the hairdresser got called back in, and will charge double normal rates because she was late for some other appointment. But still… it got done!

Verachantesse was annoyed having to sit another two hours after already two hours of hairdressing. Of course. But what are you gonna do? Perfection doesn’t come easily.