Verachantesse Tinkerbelle VI

Give Her Wings, and She Will Fly -

1 I rigged the wings to her. And her skirt. Not perfect, but I’m starting to learn that, in 3D, nothing ever is. It’s all just smoke and mirrors, and just enough to make it look convincing.

1 No-one turntables this reality.

1 Her skirt is attached to her via magic. That’s how Tinkerbelle really is, so it might be fine, but I think I want to attach it to her with something non-magic. First, though, time to re-build her fishnet body stocking.

1 The set is a giant icosphere extruded, twisted, extruded again, some faces deleted, and a nice jewelline material applied. I am trying to experiment with backgrounds that are simple, geometric, and provide interesting patterns when viewed with the very soft focus of a shallow depth of field.

Screen space reflections are pretty funny. I should probably turn them off.

Transparency in the Drawn World

1 1 1 1 To make her wings transparent in Eevee and Workbench both, I settled on a geometric approach. Not sure I like the end result, but it’s still interesting.

It also is less manageable, since the wings are now a bunch of unconnected faces. Expanding/contracting selection doesn’t work, and I have to manage it with a bunch of vertex groups for selection.

The top two renders are Eevee, the bottom two are Workbench.

The Old Umbrella Girls Set

1 1 Here are some images that I made with the old Umbrella Girls set, before I built the jewelline world.

Here, I picked a nice new aqua-marine world colour, with a blue and green motif.

It required changing the lighting setup, because her skin was a sort of sick pale green. Shining some extra-reddish lamps on her helped even that out.

Sunset Umbrella Girls Set

1 1 Playing a bit with sky and horizon colours.

The Drawn Girl

1 1 Toying with the drawn look.

I am hoping to make an animation with this shader, so I need to experiment with it.

In this case, I decided I don’t like the shadows of the set dropped on her. They are too geometric. I may just remove the roof/ceiling entirely.