Verachantesse Tinker Belle IV - Moods

Touch your Tongue

1 Someone asked if she could touch her nose with her tongue.

She touched her tongue then touched her nose.

Apparently she’s never heard of this challenge before.

Can you Stand Straight, Please?

1 She kept touching her tongue and nose. Finally the photographer told her to stop and stand straight for a moment so he can reframe.

What are you doing with your hands on your hips?

Veracha– okay. Hahah. Sure. I’m just gonna take your picture.

Now stay angry. Angrier! Get really angry!

Can’t Stay Angry when Told to Be Angry

1 This is what happens when you tell her to pout and be angry.

You can’t hear it, but she snorted when she laughed.

Heh. Now she’s laughing harder because she snorted. Now it’s getting really crazy.

She Snorts When she Laughs, and That Just Makes Her Laugh Harder

1 Now she’s just lost it.

The laughter is contagious. One of the lighting guys has a genuine tear from laughing so hard.

Fixing her Hair

1 In all of her punch-drunk laughter, one of her strands came loose.

She’s attaching it back into place.

She doesn’t use a mirror. Someone tells her how to put it, and she tries to put it like that without being able to see herself.

This leads to a lot of amusement.

Feeling Dramatic

1 Here she is being dramatic in the studio lights.


1 She started talking about Annya-Leona, who she misses terribly. They worked together for the better part of two days, and by the end, she was really in love with her.

When they parted, it was a pretty sad scene.

Now she mentions her heartache when she thinks of Annya-Leona being far away in Europe.


1 Oh… ah.

Now she’s started crying. Oh, jeez. What do we say?

Hey… Verachantesse, hey, there there.

We’ll setup another photo shoot with you and Annya-Leona when she gets back from Europe, ok?

Don’t cry…


1 1 After a while the costumer girl calmed her down and got the tears stemmed.

Makeup got her mascara cleaned up.

Now she’s a little worried she’ll do it again.

Everyone’s telling her don’t worry, it’s OK, it’s OK.

You’ll do great. Just think of happy thoughts, like the whole snorting incident from earlier!

The Photoshoot Runs Long…

1 1 She’s starting to get a little sleepy.

The yawns, like the laughter, are contagious.

One of the lighting guys is napping in the corner, and the makeup girl is sleeping on top of him.

It’s about time to call it a day.

Everyone is Getting Ready to Go Home and Sleep…

1 Good night, little princess.

Sweet dreams.