Verachantesse Tinker Belle II

Tinker Belle Shoes and New Hair -


I gave her some shoes. They are based on the other shoes already modeled, but re-textured, UV-mapped, etc, and of course those cute white Tinker Belle poofs on the toes.

They took 2-3x longer to do than the first shoes, despite already having the base geometry. I suppose because I wanted them to be elegant (the green portions are shiny, the black are more matte, for example), be appropriate for a wood faerie, and not look entirely ridiculous.

It is not difficult to do 2 of those 3, but getting all 3 proved to be somewhat a challenge.

1 I pulled in her hair from the previous .blend, spent a few hours fixing it up, and updating it using new techniques I’ve learned since then. No matter what I do, it’s a very suboptimal look. It appears hair is a little bit beyond my skill level.

1 Next up I need to figure out how to give her a green dress that will be in the spirit of Tinker Belle’s dress, but allows Verachantesse to show off like she likes to do.

I probably also need to figure out a way to make it appear Verachantesse is flying, but not really. Maybe a harness or some wires or soemthing as part of her dress? Time will tell.