Verachantesse IX

Verachantesse Nine: A Retrospective -

1 1 Where did we start? Let’s take a look. September 2019. The idea, left.

One of the first posed Verachantesse pictures, right.

It’s been a bit of a journey through the dark corners of Blender.

And Now…

1 1 She’s making fun of the pose. Here we’re doing lighting and pose tests, and preparing the scene while waiting on wardrobe. She thinks the pose is ridiculous. But this is what the art calls for, so she agrees to do it. Umbrella inside without the rain and everything.

We’re still waiting on wardrobe to show up with the shoes and colourful leggings. The shoes aren’t like the original picture really, but that’s okay, those were pretty silly-looking.

I think you’ll like the new shoes.

Exposure Tests

1 1

The above exposure is closer to the final picture, since we want it a little darker and moodier. But it was a little too dark for the highlights to come out, so we re-did the metering a bit and shot a few more pictures.

The Studio

As usual, a picture of the workspace!