Verachantesse in NYC

Verachantesse is in NYC

1 1 In NYC, somewhere unspecified in Manhattan, or maybe Brooklyn. Probably actually Brooklyn. How did she get there? It’s a mystery. I have a solid idea, but I will reveal all that later.

Let’s talk out-world concerns.

Because she is not meant to be human, she looks pretty out-of-place in a human-textured and lit place like this apartment.

I am pondering what to do for that. Should I give her more textures? Should I make her more realistic?

I don’t think so.

The more realistic she becomes, the more she becomes like a real human, and I don’t want her to be a human. I want her to be a sort of quasi-human character. She’s too tall and petite at the same time. She’s too skinny and chubby at the same time. She’s too old and young at the same time. She’s a complete contradition, not a creature that can appear in the real world.

So it is completely natural that when she appears in the real world, like this, that it looks wrong.

I’m still wondering if that’s a bad thing. I like incongruity. Non-sequitur; and she’s definitely a non-sequitur.

Where Did this Apartment Model/Geometry Come From?

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More out-world topics. I got this NYC apartment scene from Smutbase. It’s really well-done.

So far as I can tell, the dude who put the most creative effort into it was mark2580. Mustard is the one who put it on Smutbase.

I had to do a lot of work to make this work in Eevee.

I removed all the spotlights and made them point lights. I re-did the brightness and size of many of them. I completely re-did many of the stools and other things that somehow were joined together or otherwise wrong. I fixed the lamp materials. I extended the apartment and made it bigger so I could fit the camera inside to take pictures. I re-did the NYC..Paris materials so it wouldn’t be a blurry black blob on the wall. I re-arranged the entire apartment. I made the main throw rug more square. I added another and put it under the bed. I added a bathroom area (which right now is just a concrete block, but I could finish it out as a bathroom later).

Honestly, there were about another 50 things I did, but I forget what they were. So this is it.

At some point, I think I need to add kitchenette. All in due time.