Verachantesse III

In my first post, I said the mesh and rig were about done. Well. Let’s chalk that one up to naiveté, shall we? I’ve completely re-done her arms from shoulders to fingertips, her knees, rejiggered her shoulders and back, and even re-did a fair bit of her face.

Workspace Tweaks

1 Yes. Constantly re-doing this. I’ve now got on most of my working tabs a little render window without most of the 3D controls.

This way I can look at a beautiful version of her while I’m staring at a massive confusing rig.


1 1 Yes, it is getting about time to put Verachantesse into some environments and put some clothes on her. Although probably I will never dress her completely properly, I will at least put on shoes, leggings, gloves, hats and give her fun things like umbrellas etc.

Remember, part of my goal is to make fanart of my own stuff.

Current Thoughts

Now that I’m about a month into this journey, what do I think?

Rigify is Amazing

1 The rigging setup is really, really good. I went back and watched a video from the Big Buck Bunny guy about Humane Rigging, and started to remember all the painful things I did to rig my characters 15 years ago. There was nothing fun about that.

I have no idea how Euler and Quaternion transformations work, and I just watched the DVD. I have no idea why 90% of these MCH- bones exist or what they do. I think I got lost watching the 3D ball rigging portion.

So let’s just accept I’ll never make a reasonable character rig.

Rigify builds a really good human rig with some really good widgets and some really good things to eliminate counter-animation, etc.

I’m really impressed with it, although it was a huge pain to rig her toes. The short tutorial on that? Use the Rigify Button to add a finger, do that 5 times, parent them to the foot bone. Give up on the foot roll control working. Or, if you figure that out, write me and tell me how. I’m all ears.

Eevee Definitely Needs Some Help…

1 The main problem with Eevee is just that it kills Blender while it’s doing its thing. While Cycles renders, I can still use the UI, re-pose her, change materials, etc, and Cycles will just keep chewing up my CPU.

Eevee, on the other hand, will totally freeze Blender until it gets done doing some setup or another. Only once it starts doing later passes (smoothing out shadows, it appears), does it free up the CPU for Blender.

This means that on a “slow” computer like mine, doing Eevee rendering requires a great deal of care.

One problem seems to be that I’m on a Mac that has no hardware acceleration, but also is a 5k screen, so Eevee is generating a HUGE image. When I use tiny little Eevee windows, it is much more usable.

All that said, Eevee is amazing. I love the look I get from it, and the speed is pretty well improved over what I was using 15 years ago. Let’s keep doing what we’re doing, Blenderheads!

Blender Community is Pretty Cool

1 I’m a big fan of Blender Artists and Blend Swap. Lots of great content and good conversation about 3D art in general, and Blender in particular.

Still pretty humbled by some of the work out there people are doing. I know my art will always be pretty bare-bones compared to what these amazing artists are doing.