Verachantesse II

In this post, we will explore all my personal rantings about Rigify and its lack of bones for scapula and toes. But mostly, we’ll just look at beautiful pictures of Verachantesse acting miffed.

Re-Doing Rigify Rig… Again


1 I was not at all satisfied with how her scapula/back deformed when her forearms and shoulders would rotate forward. So I added a scapula bone. Right now it doesn’t stretch, rotate, or otherwise do anything, so I have to manually place it, but I’m just trying to be sure it even works at all before I start going crazy with it.

Looking up at that, I think her back/shoulders are deforming quite nicely.

Finger Rotations

1 I balled up her hands into fists to be sure I had the fingers right. They look about right.

Here she’s a bit angry/sad about whatever just happened.


1 1 To the left, she’s throwing a temper tantrum.

To the right, her angry/sad profile. The down-side of the renders with my own lighting rig is I still haven’t figured out how to get ambient occlusion working, so she looks a bit like she’s hovering above the ground. Is it really the case that you need to apply ambient occlusion to each and every material in the entire scene?

But I do like the reflections in her eyes, the contrasting shadows, etc a bit more when I use my own lighting setup.

The Workspace

1 Here’s the screenshot of my workspace from the hero image. You can get the idea of the super-simple lighting setup, and you can see the Rigify rig, which is, as I say, pretty basic outside of having toes and a scapula bone.

Composition is Not a Thing Yet

1 And here’s an interesting one, with new POV. At some point I’ll need to start considering composition in making renders of her, instead of just making screenshots of features of her rig, mesh, etc.

The lighting setup is pretty basic right now, obviously.

More Deformation Tests

1 Here are some new poses I came up with while testing the rig. Arms crossed…

1 Not crossed…

1 Angry, amused. Working on all the emotions.

Deformations in the shoulders and elbows still suboptimal. No worries, I’ve got a plan for this.

1 Last image in this series, I have her relating some story to someone off-frame. Notice the front side of the shoulders – not good. This is on the to-do list for later.


1 Dancing again. I had lost the dance pose, so I made another. I liked the earlier one better. Sad, pouty face here.

Ambient Occlusion Woes

1 Trying out ambient occlusion on the skin shader. I think to make it effective, I also need to put it on the floor. But I’m honestly still confused about why there isn’t global AO…

Am I just missing the option? I notice on the global properties tabs, there’s a “Context: View Layer” tab that has some AO checkbox that doesn’t seem to do anything when I’m in Look Dev mode. Will play with that to see if it does anything.

Random Thoughts…

  1. Rigify will probably keep being my rig. I doubt I’ll move to Blenrig now that I’ve figured out 95% of the problems using Rigify. Remaining Problems…:
    1. her hips when she deforms wildly, like splits or squatting
    2. her knees in the same situations
    3. the foot roll, her toes move, how to make them stationary (use limb instead of tentacle?)
    4. I need to figure out this bone driving shape keys stuff situations.
  2. I will probably add clothing to her using textures. There’s an amazing video of a catwoman using (only?) textures here:
  3. I will likely keep using Eevee. Maybe I’ll buy a Linux workstation with some beefy nVidia card so I can get reasonable performance.
  4. Contra Linux: My Linux versions of Blender seem to have more UI (and other?) bugs than my MacOS version, so this might be a poor course of action. I wonder if Windows is the only real platform for Blendering?
  5. I will have to keep trying various extreme poses. I suspect my rig is still pretty crap for “arms high above head” pose like some of the earlier ones in the last post. Crossing my fingers the new scapula bone takes care of malformed mesh deforms.
  6. I wonder if anyone will want to collaborate? (If so, I’m Philo Vivero on gmail).