Verachantesse Finale

It’s Sad When Fun Journeys Come to an End, No?

1 1 Here is Sad Verachantesse, because I’m not going to be adding anything more to her for a while. Time to begin start working on Annya, who will be modeling with her for the Umbrella Girls 3D photoshoot.

She’s just pouty like that. She likes being the centre of attention.


What is the Umbrella Girls 3D photoshoot you ask?

1 Verachantesse and her friend, Annya, who was chosen because she looks an awful lot like Verachantesse, will be part of a carefully-crafted studio recreation of this 2D vector image:

Except, there will be differences.

  • The creative director didn’t like the noise and colour of the tights, so they’ll be replaced with simpler fishnet stockings.
  • And the shoes will be replaced with elegant high-end heels from Hollywood.
  • The hairstyle will be more “supermodel” and less “hippy girl.”

Playing with the Lighting Setup

1 1 The high-key white studio pictures are great for seeing details, seeing if the colour is proper, and not having to fret too much about if the lights are casting unattractive shadows on her.

But they are a little dull, no?

I played around a bit with some moodier lighting. Still, I enjoy the high-key look, so I will probably do at least 15 of my renders in this style.



1 1 Left: half-boxy.

Right: Tattoo and Back Detail.

1 1 Left: 4srs boxy. Dark.

Right: 4srs boxy. Light.

1 1

Left: fingers, hairflip, dark.

Right: fingers, hairflip, tattoo, light.

Just checking if you’re paying attention.


Also, I had to mirror image it, so the tattoo is backward. But you already noticed that, didn’t you?

1 1

Left: super-confident fingers, dark studio, bright lights.

Right: I think I saw a Maya engineer at a Blender conference.

1 1

Left: Seriously, what’s the Maya guy doing here?!

Right: I am posing like you told me. What! My head is tilted forward!

1 1

Left: in the dark, scary tattoos.

Right: Campfire ghost stories?

1 1

Left: high-key umbrella situation.

Right: Ignore her pouting. If you encourage it, she’ll just keep doing it.