Verachantesse and Annya-Leona

Annya-Leona has arrived! She had her hair done in the limo ride over by the same hairdresser that did Verachantesse earlier. Very similar style.

Verachantesse and Annya-Leona

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As you can see, they are getting along really well.

Verachantesse is thrilled to begin sharing the spotlight with Annya. She really likes her. You can see it in her eyes.

Note the hair, although similar, is different.

1 1 Annya-Leona is telling a story to the photographer, lighting crew, and hairdresser.

Verachantesse is intrigued.

Getting To Know One-Another

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As the girls get to know each other better, Verachantesse becomes even more thrilled at the chance to work with Annya-Leona!

Annya-Leona was chosen because she looks a lot like Verachantesse. She is a bit taller and more filled out, and doesn’t have the same freckles as Verachantesse.

Also, she spent a bit of time at the beach recently and has a bit of extra pink to her.

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Very Comfortable with Each Other

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As they talk, Annya and V begin to get very comfortable with each other. Verachantesse clearly is loving every minute of it.

Annya is playfully poking V’s nose.

This is met with a chorus of chuckles from the crew when V crosses her eyes looking at Annya’s finger.

Cute! they all say.

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One of the girls in the back says Verachantesse is getting annoyed.

Really? I don’t see it.

These ladies are natural friends.

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The stage manager is trying to figure out how to position the girls so they look more alike. Annya’s nose is wider and longer, her jaw more filled out, and, as mentioned earlier, she’s taller and has more curves than Verachantesse.

Annya has no tattoos, but for the pose we’re doing, that won’t matter.

Verachantesse does not want to remove her in-ear earrings. They’re more a permanent part of her, but also for this photoshoot, that is unlikely to matter. Worst case, we have the hairdresser cover her ears with hair.

Getting Along Even Better

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Oh, okay, I see what the girl in the back was saying.

But now Verachantesse has really warmed up to Annya-Leona.

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Next up, we need to find the umbrellas, which seem to’ve gotten lost somewhere in wardrobe (what are props doing in wardrobe?!), and fix up Annya’s belt, which sometimes starts to float away magically.

Magic belts are fun, but not what this photoshoot is about.

Wardrobe is frantically attempting to find a non-magical gravity-obeying belt for Annya that matches Verachantesse’s.

They’re pretty good. I’m sure they’ll come through.

Meanwhile, the stage manager is trying to setup the frame, walls, lighting, etc for the final shoot.

Reference picture!


This is the goal. The finish line. The final product. The result. The finale. The presentation.

Let’s get there.