Umbrella Girls Three

Wherein We Do It Again… but With a Difference!

1 Finally the belt attaches to her hips in a pleasing way, follows her wherever and however she might deform.


Turns out to be surprisingly simple.

  1. Get rid of the armature and all that BS.
  2. Create a cylinder, make it not appear in any renders, align it with the belt very closely.
  3. Parent the belt to the cylinder.
  4. Create a surface deform modifier on the belt to the cylinder.
  5. Put the cylinder near the girl, where/how you want it.
  6. Parent the cylinder to her hip bone.
  7. Add a shrink-wrap modifier on the cylinder to her.


And now the belt does what it should, doesn’t fly off into space randomly, and follows her hips.

Disadvantage: doesn’t appear affected the slightest by gravity. You can’t have it all.

But Wait! There’s More…

1 I also did some magic with the world background and the Umbrella Girls set. All sorts of drivers based on the camera position manipulating them to make it more dynamic, yet still pleasing.

I also re-did the textures on the umbrellas. Or, maybe more correctly, I added textures to the umbrellas. They look pretty nice now.

I also re-did the girls’ tights. Not much to say there, except it appears that whole “vertex group” input for a shrink wrap modifier doesn’t work in Blender 2.82. Meh. Hopefully that’ll be fixed one day, along with all the other wierd quircks and borkennesses.

I also entirely re-did the blue jewels for Verachantesse and Annya-Leona. And learned how to affix them to the actual mesh of the girls rather than to bones. Turns out the trick there is to highlight 3x (or more) vertexes to parent them to, so that rotation is captured.

So… Let’s Take a Look

1 1 1 1 1

Umbrella Girls redux!