Umbrella Girls Finale

The hairdresser is gone to some other appointment.

Wardrobe got a non-flying belt for Annya-Leona.

Verachantesse’ belt was also defying gravity a bit, but they found some skin-friendly glue and glued it down to her hip.

The Studio Getting Prep’d

1 1

The set guys had constructed a light fixture with a black internal border. It got propped up, and the girls started goofing off in front of it while the guys set up the wall with the glowing window behind the border prop.

The girls argued for a while about who would get which pose. Annya-Leona felt that, as the taller girl, she should get the looking-at-the-camera pose, but Verachantesse had already practiced it, and began showing Annya-Leona what she could do with it.

Getting into Pose - Disagreement


The set is now complete, and the lighting guys are trying to figure out how to make the studio a bit more blue.

Annya is still convinced she’ll be on stage left doing the happy pose.

Verachantesse has a permanent grin glued onto her face, because she just keeps hitting the pose and Annya can’t quite seem to do it right.

Also, the art director decided since Annya is about 8cm taller than Verachantesse, she should have the pose that makes her appear shorter, so that they would appear about the same height.

1 The girls switched places, with Verachantesse at stage left.

Annya is worried about a smudge on her umbrella that she thinks will ruin the shot, but the art director says we can just hold the umbrella like so, and it won’t be visible.

The talent scouts all have really smug looks on their faces, because the photographer mixed up Verachantesse and Annya two times in a row. They found a pretty good likeness.

Getting into Pose - Agreement

1 Verachantesse is loving it. Keeps hitting her pose and holding it while looking around with a goofy grin.

Annya is still struggling. Not as good at this, but she’ll get it soon enough.

<– Shoulder up. Arm straight. Bend left!

1 Real close! –>

Verachantesse is laughing.

Annya, need your face less frustrated, more bemused with a touch of longing.

Hey, V, back into pose please. Look at the camera.

Meanwhile, the lighting guys have figured out how to make the studio more blue. We’ll see that shortly.


1 <– That’s a wrap!

1 The final workspace screenshot with various angles showing how it was all laid out at the moment of the final picture. –>

1 <– And the original reference art, for comparison.

There are differences between the 2D and 3D versions. Some on purpose. Some just because if I went for 100% exact repro, it’d take months, and look kind of silly anyway.

Playing with Zoom Settings

I pulled out the trusty old 20mm lens.

1 1




Annya Loses a Lens

1 She lost it, but she will find it. We have faith in her.