The Shape of Things to Come

Shape Keys!

1 If you don’t know what they are, look into them. Shape keys driven by bone rotations.

I am somewhat sad. I had to UV unwrap her a few times after this render, and that skin spot pattern is no more. I was a fan of it.

Constellations of Verachantesse; evaporated into the pillars of birth.

What are you gonna do?

1 At the moment of this render, there are still no shape keys involved. It’s just armature-driven deformations.


1 1 Take a look at those elbows. They are looking a bit more natural. Knees, shoulders? Still kinda wack. I can work around it with some odd armature positions…

1 …but now… take a look at these two standing/walking renders. Amazing, yes?

And perfect elbows. No odd armature positions. No tricksy angles.

Just perfect little elbows.

1 But that’s not all.

Knees! Oh yes. Knees.

1 Oh, now that looks nice.

Shoulders still raised up, because that’s the only shoulder pose she knows how to make. We still love her.

Verachantesse Learns New Poses

1 1 Now she can relax her shoulders. And bend her elbows. And knees. And hips. And she looks pretty good doing it.

1 I’m not sure why I grabbed two renders that looked about the same. But now that I’ve got them, I can’t decide which to delete. So I guess you get both.

1 I’ll flip this one around so you feel like you’re getting some variety.

1 Here she looks particularly mischeivous.

She Found that Chair Again

1 When she found out what a ‘clavicle’ was, she got super-excited and now she flexes all her muscles just right to show off her clavicles.

1 1 This is the sort of thing she gets excited about.

Climbing Up on the Chair…

1 First, she put one leg up on it…

1 Then she started acting silly to distract our attention…

1 No, we do not yet notice that both legs are up on the chair…

1 Still acting silly…

This effect is achieved 100% with Rigify armature. There are no shape keys for her face.

Have I mentioned yet how amazing Rigify is?

1 Back to her normal self. Hey, Verachantesse, get off the chair. It’s not the most stable thing.