Rig Advance II

Long Hair - So Many Disadvantages…

1 Besides looking weird when the hair flies through her shoulders, there are other disadvantages.

Long hair really limits her poses.

Like, it really limits the poses I can put her in, before you notice the hair is just a static thing parented to her head bone. No gravity weighs on this hair, no.

Also, if Verachantesse looks too far to the side, her bangs cover her eyes, which are really important parts of a glamorous inhuman character such as she.

So, although her old hair-up-in-a-bun hairstyle is overused, I don’t have any other one, so I had to pull it in throw it on her head, and start rendering.

1 As soon as I did, I noticed her shoulder deforms were actually quite bad in several poses, even some I had posted before. The hair masks the problems. I don’t want bad deforms hidden. I want good deforms.

So I had to spend a few more hours tweaking shoulder bones, muscles, and vertexes.

When deforms look bad with automatic weighting… something is slightly off.

When deforms look bad with automatic weighting, in my experience, some joint or bone constraint is just slightly off. Fix it, and you’ll get better deforms on a bunch of poses you didn’t even notice were poor.

So: fix your joint positions and bone constraints first. Then, if necessary, weight paint.

Let’s look at where we can go with zero weight painting or corrective shape keys, shall we?

Zero Weight Painting

1 1

No Corrective Shape Keys

1 1

Just Drivers and Bone Constraints

1 Drivers for the shape when her knees are at full bend, and her thighs/calves are squished out to the sides.

She has inhumanly huge eyes, and the typical eyelid solution doesn’t work.

And for when she blinks. Because she has inhumanly huge eyes, and the typical eyelid solution doesn’t work.

1 Bone contstraints to get the various clavicle, scapula, shoulder, breast, arm, leg, etc deforms looking right.

Probably similar to what Rigify does, because I have similar controls to Rigify, and it seems to suffer some of the same problems Rigify did on pole targets movements, etc.

Behold Her Beauty

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A short list of things I like about this rig over Rigify:

  1. knees and elbows - the Royal Skies joint is far superior
  2. shoulders - great deforms in upper back and upper front - also I have a similar joint to the Royal Skies knee/elbow joint here that helps
  3. hips - splits?! Rigify could not do that!
  4. breasts - they move with the shoulders in a natural way
  5. better control over eyelids, for proper blink action
  6. better finger/toe master control

I would really love… some Rigify guru to help…

I would really love it, though, if I could get ahold of some Rigify guru to help port these enhancements into Rigify itself.

Seriously, people. I’ll pay you.

It’s unlikely I’ll ever do the technical work myself, even if it is kind of easy. I just don’t have the time.

The day job is pretty demanding.

The PhiloRig - Behold the Glory!

1 Just a screenshot of her rig as it is today. I use B-Bones with different X/Z sizes to make them into makeshift widgets. I probably will never make actual widgets for the bones because, again… day job takes too much time, and this is good enough for me to keep track of things.

I’ll keep open my offer to pay someone to port this into Rigify, to solve that.