Plowing Forward Anyway

She Gained some Weight…

1 1 Why did she gain weight? Do you want the in-world or out-world reason? Today, you get the out-world explanation.

This new mesh I fitted to the old one, just by placing them both in the same place in the scene, then doing proportional editing on the new mesh, fitting it JUST OVER the old mesh. Which then means she’s a couple millimetres or centimetres larger over her whole body.

She’ll take a little weight off over the coming days. Should be easy. It’s just a little water-gain because of the time of month.

I really should give in and do the driven shape keys, but I still just want to setup a shoulder rig properly using only (mainly?) armature.

So in the meantime, here are some half-baked renders that I think look pretty nice.

Shoulder rig still bad, though.

Just Laugh it Off

1 1 I keep thinking… and thinking… there must be a way.

Stretch to constraints are horrible. Can’t find any doc or tutorial that explains why when I add a stretch to constraint to a bone, that it deforms the mesh before I go to pose mode. It ends up being really ugly.

But that seems conceptually the best way to rig the shoulder cape muscle. That muscle must have a real name. Shoulder cape is what I call it because my anatomy knowledge is poor.

Verachantesse Goofing Around in the Studio

1 1 1 1 1 1 Just a bunch of pictures of her goofing around.

Because we can.

And because she did.

And because you know you want it.