Hair: the 3D Impossibility

Obviously I’m Pretty Close. Or Extremely Far Away…

1 As you can see from this render (on the left), I’m pretty close to being able to do the Hearts Girls picture (on the right) in 3D. And the umbrellas are looking pretty spiff, ready for a new better, much-improved Umbrella Girls render, no?

Except… Hair.

Man. Hair is a m-fckn bitch.

How do you do proper well-done hair in Blender? I’ve tried the hair particles. They cannot be tamed with my skillset.

I’ve tried hair cards. Eeeeyeah. No.

I’ve tried Pancake Manicure™ hair curves. For a short, simple style, I can do it, but for anything longer, the control gets completely lost.

I tried Hair Net plugin. CRAASH. Fails harder than LuxCoreRender.

1 I stared at the $40 Hair Tool. I watched the videos. I stared again. I dunno. Maybe it would work? Maybe it wouldn’t. It looks like it would work. But then, so did Hair Net plugin. And the other million things I’ve tried.

I’m… just… in a bad way.

Give me a week. Or thirty of them. I’ll figure it out.

Until then… a tantalizing peek at the not-really-finished works.

So Close, and Yet So Far Away

1 1

While I Have You Here…


It’s amazing how much mileage I am able to get out of a simple ring rig widget. Pretty much everything I want, 95% of the time. And the other 5%, the plain old b-bone seems fine.