Girl Hips and Rigs

What’s the Latest News, Then?

We have a few things to cover.

Now that her shoulders are not-terrible (she still can’t put her arms much above her head), it was time to move on to her hips, eyelids, and skin textures.

Her hips still leave a bit to be desired, but they’re close enough that I can move on to other more-pressing things, I think.

Let’s take a look.


Since your attention is being pointed at her hips, that’s probably what you’re looking at, and you probably see the problem. But if not? Well, maybe you could forgive the oddness and enjoy other parts of the picture.

But you might find her wrists a little scary. Yes, those need work.

Or her elbows. The elbow shape keys start to fall apart when she rotates her wrists on the local Y axes.

Oh yeah, or her knees, which it seems everytime I tweak them, the corrective shape keys break, and somehow, fixing one knee no longer mirrors correctly to the other knee.

Sleepy Girl with Fixed Freckles and Moles

1 1 I am also playing with her eyelids and skin textures again.

I have the cute molefreckle next to her right nipple back where it belongs, after losing it on a previous UV unwrap. I regained it on the latest UV unwrap.

Also, I had been ignoring her “eye look” target bone while modeling her with eyes closed. But Rigify modifies her eyelids rather dramatically depending on if she is looking down or up.

If she looks down, that’s about 50% of closing her eyes. So if I have her look down, then close her eyes, I can reduce a lot of the corrective shape keys or counter-animation that’s necessary to prevent her eyelashes from doing crazy things.

Better-Unwrapped Girl

1 Let’s look at her eyelashes and freckles on her face. Before, there were some pretty obvious seams on her face, which I removed on my latest UV unwrap.

If you don’t immediately see anything, look at the line from under the outside of her eye to just the right side of her nose. Also, her nose itself had a seam around it, so you can see a strong delta between freckle size on either side of the seam.

1 And then, take a look here.

There is some stretching next to her nose, but at least to my eye, that’s more pleasant than the abrupt scale changes on either side of a seam.

This is repeated in several other places on her body, where I removed seams, then UV unwrapped again “better.”

UV unwrapping is very much an art, and tutorials seem to gloss over any useful advice, so really, you just need to plug away at it for a few months.

I doubt I’m anywhere near the ideal world in UV unwrapping… But whatever. I’m not an artist.

More Random Renders

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